Find Out the New Investment and Business Opportunities in Egypt

Egypt is the third largest nation in Africa by population and is also expanding pretty well in terms of economy. Culturally it is part of the Arab world but geographically it is located in a north eastern part of Africa continent, thus bordering the prominent Arab nations as also the Mediterranean and European nations from east to north. Egypt is well known for its petroleum/natural gas industry as also the agriculture that thrives in fertile Nile Valley. Besides, tourism is a big draw here and secures more than USD 10 billion every year for the economy. Such economic spectrum of Egypt makes its apt for the new business opportunities and also startup ventures. Entrepreneurs from around the world are establishing new companies in vibrant and emerging sectors that offer fine business ideas in Egypt.


Business opportunities in Egypt started to expand decades ago when it began producing petroleum and natural gas. While bulk export is still going on, this sector also propped the development of allied petrochemicals and chemicals industries. Coal supply chain firms are making good turnover by offering the requisite service buffers. Many small firms have also entered in the space of tertiary petrochemicals processing.

Healthcare sector

Investment opportunities in Egypt are also available for the entrepreneurs who wish to develop a nascent footprint through the limited capital. Egypt also has a growing healthcare sector, particularly the medical equipments manufacturing. Sales and service venture could be started by acting as a technical nodal firm towards service and sales requirements or for export purposes.

Encash the tourism in Egypt

Tours and travels service sector offer opportunities on account of the booming tourism here. The notable distinctions here include the famous Pyramids, Nile delta, Egyptian Military Museum and Grand Egyptian Museum among others. Car rentals could be started as a specialized offshoot towards travel and tourism business in Egypt.