Business and Investment Opportunities in Ivory Coast Emerging Fast in Different Sectors of Economy

Ivory Coast is located in the western part of Africa continent along the coast of Atlantic Ocean. This African nation is showing a strong hope in West Africa region through the new stable political regimes that have adopted developmental approach after a decade of political turmoil and civil war. The nation has adopted liberal growth oriented policy and allied framework to spearhead dedicated initiatives in different sectors. A resurgent economy has therefore emerged and offered fine investment opportunities in Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast also finds special distinction as being world’s largest producer of cocoa and world’s third largest producer of coffee. It is interesting to note that Ivory Coast economic policy has strongly facilitated foreign investments with 40 – 45% of capital in its firms being pooled through foreign investors. France is currently is a largest foreign investor in Ivory Coast. However, Ivory Coast business opportunities are fast expanding and investors from around the world are coming to encash the emergent options here.

Leading sectors of Ivory Coast that are attracting investments and generating opportunities include the following –

Energy and hydrocarbons mining sector – the sector is vibrant on account of strong prospects here! Companies are investing as tech and skill partners in the segments of exploration and mining and also refining.

Healthcare – the healthcare sector is expanding and is in need of enhanced supplies of equipments and allied tech products.

Infrastructure development – the nation is witnessing the fast development of infrastructure through dedicated projects. This has attracted the realty & construction investments through engineering firms, suppliers, architecture services, labor suppliers and others.

Agro processing sector – entrepreneurs are innovating business ideas in Ivory Coast in last few years towards the agro processing requirements of the national economy. This is also the sector where there is a fine influx of SMBs and startup ventures.