Morocco Business Opportunities Spread Along Different Sectors of National Economy

Morocco is an African nation that is situated in the northwestern part of the continent and its position serves well to connect it to the Middle East, Europe and Arab worlds apart from other African countries down south and east. With such a geo location, Morocco has continued to grow through far flung trade and business linkages. The GDP is also clocking an average growth of 4.4% per year in the last 15 years and offers fine opportunities for investment in Morocco. This position of Morocco has been finely complemented by the development and growth framework cum policy made by the national government and agencies under it. Morocco Investment Development Agency has been facilitating the policy implementation in different sectors with the objective of inviting investments including through the startup ventures and budding entrepreneurs.

Morocco business opportunities and thrust areas for investment include many sectors of the economy that carry fine momentum. These are –

Tourism–Moroccan tourism is marked by the charm of rich cultural heritage that its leading cities showcase vibrantly. Morocco receives millions of tourists every year who flock from Europe and the world over to feel the cultural beauty, cuisine and also the natural landscapes. Many startup firms have done investment in Morocco tourism sector and offering their services in travel and tours, hospitality, fooding and other segments.

ICT–Morocco Numeric Plan of 2013 has envisioned placing the nation among world’s top ICT nations in near future. This is supplemented with a facilitative framework that inspires SMBs and professionals to some and set their venture here.

Fishing–with a vast coastal stretch along the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco supports fishing in a big way. This sector also offers opportunities for investment in Morocco.

Renewable energy –Morocco spearheads dedicated renewable energy programs in solar and wind power segments. The nation has made policies towards enhanced use of solar power and development of wind power potential, thus creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs and firms.